(Based on the ICLR Code of Conduct)

Data-centric Machine Learning Research (“DMLR”) Journal is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and promoting responsible research practices in the field of data-centric machine learning. This Code of Conduct outlines the principles and guidelines that authors, reviewers, action editors, editors-in-chief, advisory board members, public commentators, and every individual in the publication process are expected to adhere to.


DMLR is dedicated to establishing an inclusive atmosphere where every participant can partake in scientific discussions without encountering any form of harassment, bullying, discrimination, reprisal, personal affronts, or any behavior that hampers another participant's active involvement. We do not condone discrimination, harassment, or prejudice rooted in characteristics such as race, gender, age, religion (or the absence of it), sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, or any other traits. This policy also applies to other actions, including trolling, the use of inappropriate images, offensive language, and the disclosure of personal information, all of which we strictly prohibit.

This code of conduct applies comprehensively to all DMLR activities, including but not limited to scientific discussions conducted through online tools managed by DMLR for review and publication purposes, as well as direct communications between involved parties or in the press.


Every Participant is required to adhere to the DMLR Code of Conduct. Any disputes or concerns related to this Code of Conduct or the publication process should be reported to the Editors-in-Chief or Executive Editor, who will investigate and take appropriate action, which may include issuing a formal or informal warning to the individual, suspending their ability to submit manuscripts, comments, or reviews on DMLR's OpenReview platform for a specified duration, as such. Appeals can be made if such actions are taken.

Reporting and Investigation

DMLR Editors-in-Chief and Executive Editor will confidentially investigate and resolve violation reports. They aim to respond within two weeks. To report a violation, email us at EMAIL with the subject "CoC Reporting."

Ongoing Review

This Code of Conduct may be revised as needed. Editors welcome feedback from the community on this CoC policy and procedures; please contact us at dmlr@jmlr.org with the subject line “CoC”.


The DMLR Code of Conduct is based on the ICLR Code of Conduct and is partially adapted from it.

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